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If you’re thinking of purchasing a home, you’ve probably already started looking. You may have seen quite a few homes and the details are starting to become somewhat hazy and jumbled.

Do you remember which one had the ensuite bath and which one had the walk-out basement? How much storage space did the first choice on your list have? Were appliances included in all of the homes you viewed? And what about property taxes and maintenance costs associated with each home? Can you remember how close the home was to local amenities like stores, schools, parks and the hospital? Which one had the landscaping you liked best?


Compiling a house-hunting checklist, as you go through the homes is an excellent way of keeping track of features and drawbacks of each home.



Develop a form for yourself that includes space for all the standard questions like location, asking price, annual property taxes, mortgage terms and any applicable zoning restrictions and includes a checklist of other items that are important to you and your family. Your buyer’s agent can help you with this.


Here is a general checklist when viewing the interior and exterior of a home:



  • What size and shape is the lot? Is it fully serviced with sewage, water, gas and electrical lines?
  • How many square feet of living space are there? How many rooms?
  • What is the condition and age of the roof and are there any leaks or recent repairs?
  • Are there proper roof gutters and adequate downspouts which are properly connected to storm drains?
  • Are the interior walls and ceilings solid? Is there any evidence of leaks or cracks? Is there any evidence of dry rot or termites?
  • Are floors firm and level? What type of floors are beneath the carpeting?
  • Are the room sizes adequate for your needs, including storage areas and closet space?
  • Is ventilating equipment satisfactory? Are there exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms?
  • What kind of heat system is it? What kind of fuel is used? How much does it cost to heat the house year-round?
  • Is there sufficient electrical wiring? Are there adequate outlets in the home?
  • What is the condition of the basement and foundation? Are there severe cracks in or excessive or uneven settlement of the foundation? Is the basement floor dry?
  • What about the attic or crawl space? Is there evidence of leaks? Is there proper insulation/ventilation?
  • What is the condition of caulking on windows and doors? Do they open and close easily?
  • Is the kitchen suitable? Are there enough outlets and space for appliances?
  • What is included in the sale – appliances, etc.?
  • Is there sufficient parking? How large is the garage?
  • Is a property disclosure statement available? This form provides information about the state of the property to all potential buyers.
  • Are there any restrictive covenants, i.e., specific limitations on such things as use, occupancy, exterior finish?
  • What is the zoning on the property, and on surrounding properties? What changes to the immediate vicinity can be expected? Are there any easements, i.e., rights or privileges one party may have to use the land for a special purpose?
Information courtesy of Fraser Valley Board
Lucky Gill